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The fundamental starts here with 3 age based classes;

  • Children ages 3 and under 4 are in the “Dancing Tots” classes
  • Children ages above 4 to under 8 are in the “Kinder ballet and Modern” classes
  • Children above 8 are in the “Primary”

Dancing Tots (Age 3 – 4 years)

To encourage interaction with other children through music and movement. Prior to this, toddlers ‘play beside’ rather than ‘with’ others.

When they are dressed on the dance uniform and shoes in the dance classroom, we want to make them feel a sense of belonging and importance

To make each dance lesson a structured yet fun activity.

Class description

  • Develop motor skills with
  • skipping / hopping / jumping / walking /rolling
  • Imitate movements of common animals
  • Singing nursery rhymes and children songs
  • Act out nursery rhymes e.g Rock a bye baby / Jack & Jill / Row Row Row Your Boat (At this level mothers are encouraged to participate in the class so that they can dance with their child at home as kids at this age love repetition.)
  • The use of voice to express feelings – anger / laughter / fear / authority

Kinder Ballet & Modern (Age: 4 and above)


For every student to experience the magical world of fairy tales and make believe.

To be able to remain focused and attentive for the entire duration of the lesson

The student discovers the diversity of dance movements by learning the classical ballet and modern dance techniques.

Aurora dance school – only school in the country that incorporates the learning of modern dance technique in a classical ballet lesson. Students at a young age will learn how to differentiate between the technical and artistic requirements of each dance style and to apply it at the appropriate time.

Inspire them to want to dance or move whenever they hear music of any genres

To be able to express their emotions through dancing

Class description

  • Develop motor skills with more complex movements
  • Do skipping / hopping / jumping / walking /rolling / swaying rhythmically and musically
  • Learn the use of arms and head to enhance a movement.
  • Introduction to Classical Ballet and Modern Ballet technique
  • Mime and role play of more complex characters e.g soldier / chef / basketball player / gardener
  • Memory games
  • Singing of nursery rhymes and songs from well known musicals
  • Use of vocals to express feelings – anger / laughter / fear / authority



Build up the student’s confidence and technical level in order to perform amalgamations and choreographic variations on her own.

Every Primary student of Aurora will take her first ballet and modern dance examinations.

Class Description

  • 2 x weekly . 1 ¼ hours per lesson
  • They learn the Imperial Society of Teacher Dancing UK (ISTD) syllabus and Modern theatre syllabus
  • They take the Primary ballet and modern Exams after 1 1/2 years at this level.

Grades 1 -6 ( Children’s Level)


To develop confidence, poise through serious ballet training

Encourage students to participate in dance performances and competitions

Class Description

  • Students train in the syllabus from the Imperial Society of Teacher Dancing UK (ISTD). This is the English style of classical ballet and is recognized worldwide.
  • 2 x weekly for grades 1 – 3
  • 3 x weekly for grades 4 – 6
  • Grade 6 – are introduced to pointe study

The annual examinations are conducted by internationally certified ballet and modern teachers who are Fellows of the ISTD. ISTD Fellowships are the highest award granted by the Society.


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