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Our Gold Medalist Leaves for Japan 

Adia Sofia, who will turn 11 soon received a scholarship to attend dance lessons and production classes at Ena Ballet School, Nara, Japan. She leaves on Monday 4th September 2017 to train with Ena Ballet students for 2 weeks. This scholarship was awarded to Adia in April this year after she beat 60 other competitors to claim the gold medal and award at the 2017 Danceprix Indonesia , an international ballet competition. This is her 2nd gold medal won on the international platform this year, the first for contemporary solo section in March 2017, at Amsterdans The Netherlands. We wish Adia all the best look forward to hearing from her in Nara.


Medals, Cups and Scholarships at the SCDIBC Hong Kong 2017

We are proud to announce another outstanding achievement by Team Aurora at the recent Star of Canaan Dance International Ballet Competition (SCDOBC) 2017, Hong Kong. Our duo Caitlyn Baylon 10, and Erica Liew 17, clinched the bronze cup on the first day of the competition for their delightful performance of My Shadow and Me. Both girls were finalist in their category for  solo dance entry with Caitlyn bagging the gold medal and 2 dance scholarships. Congratulations on a job well done !!




Notes from the junior team

First of all, I was happy to be given this opportunity to take part in the recent DPI and Chopin competitions. During the training sessions and the competition, I have learned a lot in terms of discipline, timing, and teamwork, to be more focused and to work harder. I also enjoyed performing on stage. Darshini


This was my first time competing under the Group category. When it was time to perform our pirates’ dance, I told myself, “Don’t be nervous. Just dance”. I was glad that I did not make any mistakes. Unfortunately, we did not win, but I was not sad as I had a great experience. Cheryl

The training was definitely very tough but fun and I learned a lot from all my teachers. We trained every day for 2 to 3 hours. It was tiring and I was under a lot of pressure. On the competition day, it was also a memorable experience for me. I felt nervous but excited. Even though I did not win, I won the experience; and this is one of the best experience I could ever have. Emmelie

I was excited to have the opportunity to participate in the Group category in DPI 2017 competition. Initially, I was weak in my technique but I worked very hard and finally managed to make good progress. I was pleased with my improvement. Although we did not win, I have won a very valuable experience. Jazreel


My dance was Vyestalka variation from Paquita. A lot of balancing is required in order to do the dance well. The training was very challenging. I had to do 3 routines on stage, in addition to my Solo dance. It was nerve wrecking! I felt elated when the results were out and my name was on the list of finalists. Unfortunately, I didn’t win but I was not sad at all because I know that this experience is just the beginning of my journey. Natessa


I trained for nearly 4 months. I was also a part of the Group dance. The name of our group was Sugar & Spice and we danced Bright Lights at Midnight. I enjoyed dancing as a group and I learned that with teamwork and effort, anything is possible. Our Group dance won first place and we were really happy. Fay Ee


I was glad when I was given the ‘captain’s character’. I have tried my best to dance the roll well. Although we did not win, I gained experience and built a relationship with the other members of the team.  I will work harder from now on. I also hope that I will be able to participate in future competitions.Rowena


I had a very good experience being a soloist and a member of a group.  It was fun too. Everything was new to me. I needed to put in a lot of effort and trained every day, but it was all worth it. Training had been intensive and very tiring but fun and enjoyable.  Velanie


It was never easy and smooth sailing prior to this competition. Days of training to perfection at times, drifted me apart. I will never forget this wonderful experience at Dance Prix Indonesia 2017. I has been great, experiencing and watching other beautiful dancers enjoying the music through body movements. I was inspired by them to soar higher. Sonia


Training over the past 3 months was very intensive. I entered the Solo and Group categories. From the competition, I realized that being persistent, never give up and teamwork, are very important to achieve good results. I hope to have the chance to participate in more ballet competitions in future. Amber

                                                                                                      It was a wonderful experience and journey from the beginning.  I learned many new steps. I spent a lot of time with my teacher and my teammates which made me more focussed. Training was very tough and tiring but I worked hard and it was worth it. I am more confident now.  Zhe Yen


I always feel happy and great in every training. I learned teamwork and how to coordinate the dance with my other team members. Even though we did not win the competition, I did enjoy performing on stage. I have tried my best but it was not good enough. I made a promise to myself to work harder from now on. Lastly, I also hope to be able to join more competitions in the future to gain more experience. Annabelle




Every day, without fail, we attended training for almost 4 months. On top of that, we also have to attend the Intermediate, Advance 2 and Grade 6 classes.  Besides training for my solo dance, we also had to practice our Group dance which is Bright Lights at Midnight which each of us had our own role. Mine was a policeman. We learned many new steps and skills. I was so happy when I found my name listed in the Final’s list. Even though I did not win for the Solo category, our Group dance won first place! All the training and hard work paid off. Nurfaraesha




 I trained every day for 3 hours and additional classes every evening.  I learnt a fun but challenging new step ‘turns in ala second’.  After 3 weeks, I managed to get it right. I enjoyed the group dance because we have different characters and teamwork was very important. I was lucky to be selected as a finalist in the solo section. After performing my Solo dance, we competed in the Group dance. I heard the audience cheer when we did the turns in ala second. Team Sugar & Spice,  our team  won the Gold medal! Caitlyn


I have been dancing for 7 years now. This is my first time joining a ballet competition. Not only that, it was also my first time travelling overseas without my parents  I felt scared but excited at the same time. Training was tough ,I was so tired at the end of each day but happy because I mastered many advanced level steps ,did better pirouettes and formed an incredible bond with my fellow competitors. Winning a gold for our group dance proved one thing, we can do it if we work as one. I am looking forward to new adventures with Team Aurora!  Jannel


When I got to know that I was selected for the finals, I was relieved. I didn’t feel so nervous in the finals. For the Group dance, I was really worried about my turns but I thought we did a good job. I was surprised when I won the Gold medal for the Solo category (Asian Doll)! We also won the Gold medal for the Group dance! Even though training was tough and tiring, it was all worth it. Adia



MARCH 2017 

It was my first time competing in Europe. Other competitors were really good. I could not believe I won the gold medal for contemporary solo as it was my 1st attempt at contemporary dance. I won the bronze medal for solo classical ballet variation and another bronze for the duo with Fay Ee. I also received a scholarship to study at the Dutch National Ballet Academy. I am looking forward to returning to The Netherlands.  Adia Sofia

Gold Medal - Contemporary

Bronze Medal - Classical Ballet 

Bronze Medal - Duo 


Our dance practice was at first very tiring because I had to learn and perfect 2 new dances in 2 weeks. I felt very happy I managed to get a bronze medal for my solo contemporary dance called “It’s a Necessity”. And another bronze medal for my duet contemporary dance with Adia called ‘Never Alone’. I felt so happy and proud of myself and dance partner Adia. I hope to go to other dance competitions in the future. It is tough but I love it. Fay Ee Chen

Bronze Medal - Contemporary 

Bronze Medal - Duo



Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish.

      Caitlyn Baylon, 9 Bronze Medal winner

The Star of Canaan Dance International Ballet Competition in Hong Kong, is my second ballet competition. I felt very excited. I went through many hours of practice sessions and lessons. My friends and I learnt many new steps.

On first day of the competition Adia , Natasya and I attended a Master Class, taught by Teacher Enrica.

The next day was our turn dancing in the  solo elimination round as well as group dance finals . When it was my turn to perform, I put all my effort and it went well. When we were called to the stage later that evening, we danced our trio choreography gracefully. We won the Silver trophy and we were very happy. We were asked to dance it again at the closing ceremony.

The next day was our solo finals. We arrived early to get some practice and put on our own make up. I performed both Giselle and Cupid variations with my full effort. After the event, Teacher Suraya told me that the judges requested me to perform for the Gala Performance, I felt surprised and excited.

When the results of the competition were announced, I won the Bronze medal. I was so pleased that Natasya and Adia were awarded too.

I felt this journey is not easy but the reward is happy one.


       Adia Sofia,9  Jury Encouragement Award

I was thrilled to be chosen for the SCD IBC 2016 competition. The competition this year was harder than last year’s because my friends and I had to learn 2 solos each and a trio choreography. There were many difficult steps to perfect including multiple turns and batterie. This was much more than what was required the year before.

The day before the competition I hurt my right ankle. I was on pain killers and applied cold spray on my sore ankle throughout the competition.

On day 1 of the competition day I felt very nervous comparing myself to other competitors who were practicing backstage. I was awarded the jury encouragement award for my solo performances and 2nd place, a silver cup for our trio entry.


   Natasya Saffiah,9 8th Placing

I was again in Hong Kong for another competition. This time the competition is called the Star of Canaan Dance competition. But it was only the three of us this year. We practiced every single day. We had to practice about 5 hours a day though very tired I was happy. I learnt a new dance an addition to Cupid's variation which was taught to me last year. I tried my best enjoyed every bit of it. 
The big day came and we were on stage. I was not nervous this time around.  Our trio dance won 2nd prize.  The judges liked our group performance. They asked us to dance it again at Gala.
At the Gala, I was announced as the 8th place winner. I was  in the top 10.  My friends, Adia and Caitlyn were very happy to be in the finals.  Our principle worked us very hard. She made us stronger dancers. I hope she is happy to see our victories. I would like to train for more competitions in the future


      Esha Anum,10 co trainee

My training with Caitlyn, Natasya and Adia was a great experience and fun. We are best friends. We laughed, trained and had dinner together almost every day for 31/2 months. There were many advanced level steps learnt and we helped each other along. My classical ballet technique has improved a lot, thanks to Teacher Suraya.

Shashveena's Salangai Pooja Exerience

Shashveena - grade 5 classical and modern ballet student at Aurora 

I am Shashveena and I am 10 years old. I was inspired to dance Barathanatyam when I went to an Arangetram performance. I started dancing Barathanatyam when I was 6. Barathanatyam has helped me to learn and understand my culture better and to feel proud of my culture. It also builds my stamina and keeps me fit. In Barathanatyam, every song is dedicated to God. For every song, my teacher explains what each sentence means so that I can do the right expression for it.  There are difficulties in dancing Barathanatyam but I know I must go through them to achieve what I want.

My mother has helped me the most by sending me for all the classes and buying me my accessories and costumes. When I grow-up, I will continue dancing Barathanatyam and will someday teach children this art form. Dancing makes me happy. Every time I go for class, I feel happy because I am going to learn something new. I would like to do my Arangetram when I am 14 years old. There are many mudras and steps in Barathanatyam and I want to learn them all. Dancing Barathanatyam is my passion and hobby.

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