For ages 3-4Dancing Tots


  • To encourage interaction with other children through music and movement. Prior to this, toddlers ‘play beside’ rather than ‘with’ others.
  • When they are dressed on the dance uniform and shoes in the dance classroom, , We want to make them feel a sense of belonging and importance
  • To make each dance lesson a structured yet fun activity,

Class description

  • Develop motor skills with
  • skipping / hopping / jumping / walking /rolling
  • Imitate movements of common animals
  • Singing nursery rhymes and children songs
  • Act out nursery rhymes e.g Rock a bye baby / Jack & Jill / Row Row Row Your Boat
  • At this level mothers are allowed to participate in the class so that they can dance with their child at home as kids at this age love repetition.
  • Using the voice to express feelings – anger / laughter / fear / authority
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