For ages 4 & aboveKinder Ballet & Modern


  • For every student to experience the magical world of fairy tales and make believe.
  • To be able to remain focused and attentive for the entire duration of the lesson
  • The student discovers the diversity of dance movements by learning the classical ballet and modern dance techniques.
  • Aurora dance school – only school in the country that incorporates the learning of modern dance technique in a classical ballet lesson. Students at a young age will learn how to differentiate between the technical and artistic requirements of each dance styles abd to apply it at the appropriate time.
  • Inspire them to want to dance or move whenever they hear music of any genres
  • To be able to express their emotions through dancing

Class description

  • Develop motor skills with more complex movements
  • Do skipping / hopping / jumping / walking /rolling / swaying rhythmically and musically
  • Learn the use of arms and head to enhance a movement.
  • Introduction to Classical Ballet and Modern Ballet technique
  • Mime and role play of more complex characters e.g soldier / chef / basketball player / gardener
  • Memory games
  • Singing of nursery rhymes and songs from well known musicals
  • Use of vocals to express feelings – anger / laughter / fear / authority
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