Virtual Dance Coaching


  • To develop confidence, poise through serious ballet training
  • Encourage students to participate in dance performances and competitions

Class description

We offer private virtual lessons (ZOOM) from ballet to modern/street jazz to contemporary dance etc.

Take Classes From our well trained dancers and teachers as well as choreographers from your own Home anywhere in the world. Dance coaching for technique proficiency is available online too.Start Improving
Your Dance Skills Today.

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Learn Dance, learn movement. Unleash your Movement.

A Class catered to suit your needs. Also available to customise your dance lessons.

1. Group Monthly Plan – 4 sessions (Max 6 persons)

USD$50.00 / RM 200 per pax (60 mins – 90 mins)

2. One on one / Customized Dance Virtual Classes
USD$34 / RM120 per session / hour
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